March 15, 2018

January 19, 2018

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it was jaw dropping.

January 19, 2018

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whatever, sooner or later.

April 11, 2018

Sooner or later I’ll do a good job at keeping this blog updated.


            When I returned to Cincinnati I didn’t truly know what it would mean for my life, my day to day, my general being.  You see the past few years have been filled with ups and down and turbulence to say the least, major life shifts, major losses and additions to my family, a shift in how I approach life as an artist and as a singular set of eyes. Singular set is an interesting oxymoron. That’s an oxymoron right?




            Point is, I’ve learned more than my fair share of life lessons in my adventures from crafting cocktails with dry ice and liquid nitrogen on the 20th floor of a fancy hotel in downtown Chicago (it’s weird but that’s real), from that to teaching script analysis in the middle of nowhere Missouri to a group of absolutely insane, talented, and dedicated young theatre artists (something I was not prepared to find in MO), to now doing both of my life long passions. 

            I had never thought that I’d develop two careers at the same time, and for those who know me it’s probably very evident, I’m a theatre artist and a bartender.  And that’s cliché for sure, but what some individuals don’t understand, and most do, is that both of the careers I’ve spent the last ten year developing have lead me to where I am, better or worse.  They’ve created some of the best friendships of my life, and they’ve torn apart the closet relationships humans are supposed to have. 


“I go to work when others go to play, I get to play while regular people are working or sleeping”   


 That quote is something I’ve said a million times, and is the single hardest thing to cope with, and one of the most cherished aspects of my life.  It’s a fucked up double-edged sword mainly for the reasons stated above, details withstanding… withholding…. whatever.

            I’m home and I’ve been desperately trying to piece my life and my work together, substitute teaching, awesome and I usually love it and the kids dig a substitute with wit and sass and my age so we get along on average, I’ve qualified as the biggest asshole of a sub they’ve ever had as we as getting “he’s cool, we’re all good” from the kid that I’d least expect to vouch for anyone, let alone 31 year old white Justin Baldwin. Coaching rock climbing at the local indoor Crag, insanely rewarding, and the first time I’ve ever been called “coach”  which ignited a spark in my chest to continue climbing and inspiring young climbers to do the same.  Opening a new bar at a new hotel here in Cincy…. Opening hotels is like going on a roller coaster ride, it’s exhilarating I think, but I’ll let you know when the doors open and we get off the ups and downs. 

            I’m blessed by Buddha, or Jesus or Dionysus or whoever to get to work with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.  To be frank, not much has shifted in the last six years from when I was running over hire here in 2012, the management has changed, but the pirate crew of theatre technician scallywags are the same as ever.          This conference room converted into a green room each night is where I’ve found home.  Listing to stories about what episode of “South Park” was watched last night, or how many miles the props runcrew chief ran this morning and how the incline elevation shifted due to the wind and rain…I don’t fucking know that marathon training life, but I do know that everyone in that building supports her and will happily knife you in the blink of eye if you think about talking shit about the IDEA of running. 


            It’s a lot I know, and It’s an odd, corky, opinionated, insane, loyal, devoted, and scrappy family of theatre artists at Cincinnati Playhouse’s Shelter house.  I’m glad to be the over hire weird uncle of the group. 


            This is the play we’re doing; it’s called Sooner/Later,  it’s a world premiere.  The cast, playwright, director, designers, and my brilliant fellow crewmembers are all steadfast reasons why theatre is alive, vibrant, and best means of seeking new levels of human connection.  Hell yes I love this.


            So there’s an update.  Whatever. here's an image of our show.  








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